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Protect Yourself Online

Welcome to the MassCyberCenter’s Internet Safety page, a project of the MassTech Collaborative.

A focus for the MassCyberCenter during Massachusetts Cybersecurity Week 2019 is to equip older Massachusetts residents with helpful resources that will allow them to build the right skills so they can identify potential issues online and avoid falling prey to cybercriminals or other online scams.

Our hope is these cybersecurity resources help you build more confidence as you use email, search websites, and shop online. We’ve assembled this page into a library of tools and resources that will help lead to a better and safer online experience. They are organized into three categories so you can confidently: 

  • Recognize potential threats; 

  • Review what happened; and

  • Respond to the threat appropriately.  

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If you want to outsmart a scammer, it’s best that you’re one step ahead of them and able to identify the tricks of their trade. Here are some great resources for identifying online scams:



Once you’ve identified a scam or scammer, you’ll want to review what happened so you can plan what to do next. Don't panic, don't respond. You’ll need to know what the scammer was looking for, where they targeted you, and, what, if anything happened to your device. The National Cyber Security Alliance has some great resources on how to handle online scammers: 



Once you’ve reviewed what happened you’ll need to respond to it appropriately. The level of response can range from merely reporting something as spam, to contacting a trusted friend for help, or in the extreme cases, to contacting law enforcement.

Additional Cybersecurity Resources


AARP ElderWatchNational Cyber Security AllianceDepartment of Homeland Security

Federal Trade CommissionFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Massachusetts Attorney General's Office

Informational Flyer


Download our Stay Safe Online! informational flyer.  Print for yourself to keep as a reminder and share with friends and family to help others stay safe.

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