Life's Work On the Go

Cybersecurity and Life’s Work On the Go

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Technology plays an indispensable role in the lives of citizens across the Commonwealth. Whether at home or on the go, our citizens rely on the internet and other technologies to connect with family and friends, work, go to school, and conduct essential business.

Hackers and criminals are using our increased reliance on technology as an opportunity to develop, enhance, and provide cover for their schemes.


Collaborating to Secure Your Information

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility that cannot be ensured alone. Please read about how you can collaborate with your friends/family, employer, internet service provider (ISP), and third-party experts to protect your information from cybersecurity threats.


Cybersecurity Recommendations

Cybersecurity must be a priority as you spend more time online conducting life’s work on the go. We recommend you follow the cybersecurity best practices below to secure your information.


Prepare to Respond to a Cyber Incident in Advance

We also recommend that you identify the person(s) you will contact if a cybersecurity incident occurs. This could be a family member, friend, roommate, coworker, or another trusted contact. Having this individual identified before a cybersecurity incident will improve your ability to respond and minimize the loss of your information.

There are also cybersecurity vendors in Massachusetts you can engage to help with home service for a fee.


Informational Flyer

Download our Life's Work on the Go informational flyer.  Print for yourself to keep as a reminder and share with friends, family, and colleagues.

Lifes Work On the Go one-pager cover


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