About MassCyberCenter

The MassCyberCenter was launched in September 2017 with a vision to enhance opportunities for the Massachusetts cybersecurity ecosystem to compete as the national cybersecurity leader while strengthening the resiliency of the Commonwealth’s public and private communities.

The Center will carry out this vision through its mission to enhance conditions for economic growth through outreach to the cybersecurity ecosystem of Massachusetts while fostering cybersecurity resiliency within the Commonwealth. Activities would focus on convening the top public safety, technology, and municipal leaders across the state to grow programs that support our key institutions.

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Massachusetts is home to many of the top cybersecurity companies, thought leaders, and research institutions in the world. Following the launch of the MassCyberCenter, a diverse group of executives from these world-class influencers worked with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to develop and hone the Center's mission. We thank all of these innovative organizations for their support!

Companies and organizations that supported the formation of the MassCyberCenter at MassTech