Cyber Resilient Massachusetts

“Cybersecurity is a crucial issue for Massachusetts. We need a comprehensive plan to anticipate, prepare, and defend against emerging cybersecurity threats. By forming critical partnerships across Massachusetts’ vast cybersecurity ecosystem, the MassCyberCenter is leading the Commonwealth’s efforts to ensure that Massachusetts’ public and private institutions will be more secure and resilient to cybersecurity attacks” said Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

Cyber Resilient Massachusetts is a commitment to bolster cyber resiliency across the Commonwealth. The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines cyber resiliency as “the ability to anticipate, withstand, recover from, and adapt to adverse conditions, stresses, attacks, or compromises on cybersecurity resources”.

Governor Baker entrusted the MassCyberCenter to establish and convene the Cyber Resilient Massachusetts Working Group (CRMWG) to facilitate cyber resiliency across the Commonwealth. Through the CRMWG, the MassCyberCenter brings together public and private industry leaders to identify ways to protect sensitive data, increase cybersecurity awareness, and respond to emerging threats within Massachusetts.

The MassCyberCenter recognizes the importance of planning, collaboration, outreach, and education to:

  • Create cybersecurity awareness;
  • Build relationships across sectors;
  • Share cybersecurity best practices;
  • Anticipate threats and seek intelligence;
  • Understand incident response planning;
  • Leverage Massachusetts talent; and
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for Massachusetts.

The MassCyberCenter in collaboration with the CRMWG has assembled a compilation of resources to help municipalities and citizens foster their cyber resilience. The Municipal Toolkit helps municipal leaders begin to understand the cybersecurity posture of their municipality and figure out the next steps for protecting municipal infrastructure against cyber threats. As part of the 2020 Massachusetts Cybersecurity Month, the MassCyberCenter launched Life’s Work at Home to provide citizens with the tools to collaborate to secure their information and cybersecurity recommendations.

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Additionally, the MassCyberCenter maintains a collection of resources that provides links to get the latest alerts, prevention tips, and ways to ensure your organization stays cyber resilient.

To learn more about a cyber-resilient Massachusetts, download our informational pdf.

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